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Creating folders inside Spotify

Some time ago, Spotify added a nice feature to help managing the big amount of lists everyone eventually creates. This feature has a name: Folders.

The utility of these folders is similar to everyday “hard disk folders”, that is “creating a tree structure to manage and keep in place all the songs and lists we’ve added to our Spotify profile”.

How to create a folder? It’s very easy. On the top left part of Spotify main interface, there’s a “+” button, right to our username. If we click it, a small menu appears:

-New Reproduction List
-New Folder

Ok, there it is: “New folder”. Let’s choose this option and create a folder. Let’s name it “hello”.

Once we do it, we’ll see it appear on the left panel, among the already existing lists. And that’s it. No more magic when creating a folder.

What can we do with our brand new and shiny folder? Well, we can just fill it with lists (not songs). How? Dragging, (thus, moving), our songlists onto it. Once we do it, the folder will contains a new song list.

Ok, one could now say that no new functionality has been added if we just put one lists inside a folder, but let’s do something nice: Let’s add more than one list into a folder, (for example, 3 or 4 of them).

Once we do it, we still can click onto these lists (as we did on the old days), and their contents will appear onto the main panel.

But what would it happen if we clicked ON the folder, and not on its individual lists? Well, a big “virtual list” consisting of a merge of the folder lists songs will appear now on Spotify main panel. And that’s the real power of folders: we can crate “thematic” folders like, I don’t know, “Queen”, and then adding different “Queen” lists inside, “Greatest Hits 1”, “Greatest Hits 2”, “Favourites”, “Terrific Queen songs”, etc…
We would still be able to play these individual lists (clicking on them individually), but if we wanted a medley consisting of ALL these Queen songs inside our lists, we would just click onto the folder, and “voi là”, all songs appear properly merged on the main screen, ready to be played by the “Shuffle” engine of Spotify.

Of course, and, as every other folder system in computers, we can create folders inside folders, a.k.a sub folders, and sub sub folders, with no problem. We can also rearrange their structure just dragging their contents up and down, in and out.

But real inspiration came to me the other day, when I was just walking on the street. The bulb lighted and I thought: “What would it happen if I created a MASTER folder from where I could hang ALL my lists, sublists, folders and subfolders?”. And I did precisely that: I created a “root folder” (and I named it “Everything”).

The result has become wonderful, as ALL MY LISTS (the ones I’ve been patiently creating over the last years), as well as ALL the lists I’m also subscribed to (friends’ and such), folders, subfolders, and the rest of my “songs tree”, now appear under “Everything”, properly nested.
Why is it wonderful? Because if I click on the “Everything” folder, on the top part of the screen, a BIG merge of ALL my songs, lists, and folders will start to be played by Spotify.

And for me, and for the rest of people who get quickly tired of listening to the very same music all the time, that’s just pure bliss.


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  1. Jueves, 3/Mar/2011 en 21:18:26

    It seems that you cannot have the same list inside two different folders (that is, folders contain the lists themselves, not “pointers” to lists). Which GREATLY reduces the potential capabilities of the automatic-merging system that the folders offer.

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