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The Binding of Isaac (Wrath of the Lamb): Chest achievements havoc explained.

Jueves, 27/Sep/2012 Deja un comentario

Lately, I’ve became a fan of “The Binding of Isaac” video game. No big surprise here, it’s a nice rogue game, which rewards you with achievements and items once you accomplish certain conditions along the game. With these extra items, game experience becomes still funnier. Besides, some time ago, BoI creators released “The Lamb of Wrath” as a DLC on Steam, filled up with with extra contents, toys, mechanics, items and achievements.

Now I’m near the end, that meaning I’m only 2 or three achievements away from getting “Platinum God”. Once I’ll get it, I’m sure the game will lose its purpose as I will have acquired all items, all characters, etc. Anyway, something seems not to be properly working inside the achievements engine, as some bug blocks me from getting my well deserved Platinum God badge, because some previous achievements seem impossible to get…

Let’s see what’s happening here:

When you get one achievement via “certain action done”, several things happen. If that achievement grants you an item, the item becomes visible inside the game engine locally, and then you can use it in future games whenever it appears. But not only it’s granted inside your local copy of the game, but gets also “uploaded” onto your steam account profile, so everyone can see it there. So these are 2 apparently linked actions.

The problem arises when you get one item/achievement (inside your local copy of the game), it doesn’t correspond to what you expect, and even worse, A TOTALLY UNRELATED and different item/achievement gets uploaded onto the steam achievements cloud engine.

I’ve identified 5 items/achievements which seem impossible to get, at least if you follow common sense. All of them are Wrath of The Lamb items, and all of them appear when you beat “???” inside “The Chest”. Sorry for the “spoiler”.


Here is the data I’ve discovered so far when killing ‘???’ inside the Chest:

-Using “???”, you get “Eve’s Bird Foot” in-game, and “Samsons’ Lock” appears on Steam.
-Using “Cain”, you get “Cain’s Eye” in-game, but “???’s Soul” appears on Steam.
-Using “Eve”, you get “???’s Soul” in-game, and “Judas’ Tongue” appears on Steam.
-Using “Judas”, you get “Judas’ Tongue” in-game, but “Cain’s Eye” appears on Steam.
-Using “Samson”, you get “Samson’s Lock” in-game, but “Eve’s Bird Foot” appears on Steam.


I hope this info might be useful for anyone stucked trying to discover what really happens between their local and Steam cloud achievments, specially with these buggy ones.
I wish I could have read it before, as I’ve spent HOURS, performing many useless runs with the worst characters (Samson (!!), ??? (!!!)), to end up getting nothing.


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